History and Philosophy


Sequoia Preschool was organized in 1974 by members of the Sequoia United Presbyterian Church.  It opened on February 3, 1975 with 5 children and 2 teachers.

During the fall of 1976 the school moved to the First Congregational Church in Redwood City and expanded the program to 5 days a week.

In 1979 a kindergarten was started and in 1985 a preschool afternoon program was established.

The summer of 2004, Sequoia Preschool & Kindergarten moved to our present location, at Sequoia Christian Church.

In 2011 enrichment programs were added on Tuesday afternoon for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday and PM classes to participate in.

Over the decades SP&K has grown from 5 children to 90+ children a year, comprised of new and alumni families, including multiple generations. Our staff has also expanded from 2 to 12 dedicated teachers who constantly strive to improve the curriculum and experience for each child, every year.


We believe in a caring and supportive environment. We serve the community by offering a broad education experience for children. We provide an environment in which each child will learn to respect him/herself and others, and begin to realize his/her potential as a person. We strive to provide a community in which the dignity of each child is recognized, respected and nurtured.

With guided activity we help the children develop physical, intellectual, social and emotional skills through daily music, art, stories, creative play, cultural events and discovery experiences.

In addition, we feel it is important for children to learn to listen and follow simple directions. The semi-structured time at school helps the child become accustomed to this, making the transition to their next level of education smoother.